Zagat Finally Notices Highland Park

Ξ November 28th, 2007 | → 3 Comments | ∇ Highland Park |

The 2008 Los Angeles Zagat Guide was recently released and a quick browse through revealed a few interesting tidbits about what’s new in our little corner of L.A.
Most notably, for the first year ever, Zagat listed Highland Park as its own neighborhood in the “Locations” section. Prior to that, Eagle Rock was the only piece of NELA to garner that distinction. It’s funny though, Highland Park is listed under “LA Central” while Eagle Rock evidently falls under “Pasadena & Environs.” Really? Anyhow, under Highland Park were just two restaurants, Marty’s and (of course) The York. Both are too new to the Guide to actually have a rating, but both are considered “notable” by Zagat. I think our position on The York has been made perfectly clear in the past (it rocks), but we’ve never made much mention of Marty’s—and to be honest, we really have no future plans to do so either. Both Mia Sushi and Marty’s suffer the same owner, and as such both reflect the same snobbery, ridiculous atmosphere and truly ridiculous valet parking. In short, Marty’s pretty much embodies everything we at YORK BLVD. hate about the Westside. Enough said on that. Regardless, the brief write-ups describe Highland Park as “the next Eagle Rock,” and also mentions how “these days, it’s turning into a neighborhood of many galleries, and of colorful gastropubs.”

Sadly, we also have to mention that Eagle Rock’s Casa Bianca, long rated the best pizza in L.A., has dropped to third after the new uber-trendy Pizzeria Mozza and Hancock Park’s Village Pizzeria. I wouldn’t expect this to last though. Casa Bianca has been around for decades and will most certainly out-live any cheesy trends and be back on top in no time.
(Photo borrowed from Willonawoods Flicker photostream)


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