Does Highland Park’s S**t Stink?

Ξ January 25th, 2008 | → 2 Comments | ∇ 90041, 90042, Drinks, Highland Park, Night Life, Press |

According to the LA Times, the Angelenos in this part of the city don’t think so.  Read the attached story and send us your thoughts.,1,1936553.story

I’ve never experienced this phenomenon, but then again, I might be one of those self-indulgent yuppies the Times (in all it’s countercultural glory) pans as not only narcissistic, but also disgusted by the handicapped.  Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I do write for a website dedicated to the neighborhood, which probably lumps me in as part of the problem.  (I don’t think Norwalk has much of a neighblog scene.)  I also own property, which means in behooves me financially (but would be disgusting in reality) if a Starbucks and Pinkberry open up on all even avenue intersections of Figueroa.  Still, part of the experience I have enjoyed in this part of town is a relative lack of anonymity.  I see the same people at the dogpark, run into old college friends when I’m not expecting it, and frequently resume conversations with the same people at the York or Antigua.  Plus, why the longing for The Wild Hare?  I miss it about as much as I miss Toppers in Eagle Rock.  They both hold some fond memories for me but their new incarnations improve on what I want in a bar in almost every way.  What do you think?  Is Highland Park getting (as my grandma would say) “Too big for its britches”, or should the LA Times stick to its above the fold coverage of celebrity DUIs?  I don’t mean to be nasty, but coming between me and my 1903 is like walking between a mother bear and her cub…dangerous.


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