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Maybe because of the new year, or maybe because of the constant rain lately, or maybe just because we have been to the York almost every weekend for about 6 months straight, for whatever reason, this weekend we decided it was time for a change of venue. Something different. Completely different.

So after some discussion and some Yelping, the guys at YORK BLVD. decided to head a little out of our neighborhood and go down to Footsies. Highly regarded on Yelp, post after post listed Footsies among the best dives in Los Angeles. Already intrigued, the review by a girl reminiscing (not fondly) about dating a foot fetishist who she had previously dubbed “Footsie” pushed me over the edge. This would be the place. Plus, it was just a couple doors down from our previously reviewed “El Atacor #11,” and I was already jonesing for some good tacos.

Just past Cypress on Fig, Footsies can be easy to miss, especially when it’s pouring out. Like every hip bar these days, Footsies has no signage out front, other than the now ubiquitous neon “Cocktails” sign over the door. Inside, however, could not be any less understated. Dark wood paneling, leather booths, and pictures of ghostly, naked women adorning the wall, the place felt as though somebody turned Disney’s Haunted Mansion into a burlesque house. Towards the back was a classy looking pool table, up front was a jukebox (loaded with The Clash, Fugazi, Johnny Cash and currently pumping out some Blondie), and to our right was the bar. Guess where we went first.

The ladies grabbed a booth beneath one of the spooky sultresses while we checked out the drink selection. Besides the full bar and standard well drinks, the choice of beers was pretty decent—with the glaring exception of nothing on tap. Regardless, Footsies stocks Stella, Newcastle, Pyramid Hefe, Longhammer IPA, Corona, Bud and even better, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Most bottles are $4, and PBR is a something of a bargain at just $2 a can.

The scene at Footsies is exactly what you would expect at a hipster dive bar, although it was a little surprising to find such a hipster dive deep in Cypress Park. Dreadlocks, mod hairdos and Goodwill clothing outfitted most patrons. The jukebox was jamming until the DJ took over (much to the chagrin of our recently deposited dollar), and all in all everyone was having a laidback good time.

Footsies definitely made its way onto my list great bars, and I can see myself going there frequently, especially if I’m in the mood for tacos and beer. Of course, it would be so much better if they had even just a couple of beers on tap, but then, nobody’s perfect.

2640 N Figueroa Street
(323) 221-6900


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