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Ron Paul

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement […] This is the sum of good government. – Thomas Jefferson
With the presidential races shedding the fat of the also-rans, Yorkblvd has decided to throw our considerable political clout (2 votes and limited disposable income) behind a presidential candidate from each party. With last night’s travesty of a Republican debate (which really should have been named the McCain/Romney debate as the other invitees were barely addressed in the 90 minute program), we present our GOP endorsement for president: Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

The time has come to limit the ever expanding scope of the Federal Government. Our Bill of Rights was crafted to protect individuals from the abuses of government, and while I don’t subscribe to any Orwellian conspiracies, this country has taken an alarmingly blithe attitude towards rule of law lately. The executive branch feels free to flaunt Congress and the courts, Habeas Corpus is being suspended in the American Judicial System, the government can tap your phone without a warrant, and still, Washington thinks it knows best how to govern 50 diverse states spanning seven time zones. See, for example, California’s (and ten other states’) legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite California voters’ wishes, the Federal Government maintains its costly and ineffective war on drugs by raiding these clinics and prosecuting their owners. Or, examine the on again off again debate on gay marriage. Washington is actually considering amending the constitution to ban two men from marrying each other. Wasn’t this document drafted to decide more important issues than sexuality? If Wyoming wants to ban gay marriage, Massachusetts wants it legal, and California wants it somewhere in-between, what’s the problem? Why should the moral compass of constituents in Arkansas and Oklahoma define Hawaiian’s relationships?

These two issues are merely microcosms of a Federal Government that finds it necessary to cast a wide net of legislation across a country they have clearly lost touch with, and what frightens me is that while the candidates are crawling over themselves to claim the mantle of the next Ronald Reagan, neither Romney, McCain, nor Huckabee seem willing to diminish the power of the federal government, the hallmark of what people loved about Reagan. Instead, the candidates argue the details of how to best wield the government’s power to meet their own social and ideological goals. Congressman Paul is the only man willing to take office and relinquish the broad executive power that has been so abused over the last 7 years. The man wants to dissolve the Department of Education not because he hates children, but because he believes that education is best decided on a more local (state) level. Ask a public school teacher how well “No Child Left Behind” has worked and you should have an accurate barometer of the inefficiencies of the Federal Government.
Still, the foremost reason we are endorsing Congressman Paul is because his belief is simple: You know how to run your life and spend your money better than bureaucrats in Washington. If you want to donate to a $398 million Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere” (or any one of countless other fiscal horror stories to emerge almost daily from inside the beltway) you are free to do so. Paul just wouldn’t use the IRS to threaten you with imprisonment if you don’t. Foreign governments (the Chinese foremost among them) hold the mortgage to our country and still, the party that used to represent fiscal sanity is only using its executive veto power now that Democrats are passing spending bills.

As for the old scare tactic aimed towards outside candidates and 3rd parties of “throwing away your vote”, keep in mind that our congressional district is overwhelmingly democratic. In a closed primary, in a state where the delegates are awarded by congressional district, in a district with a limited number of registered republicans, every vote counts. If you agree with Thomas Paine’s famous edict, “That government is best which governs least”, Ron Paul remains the only candidate sure to reign in a dangerously overbearing Washington D.C.


If the embeded file below fails to load, view Ron Paul’s Google Candidates Series Interview at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCM_wQy4YVg


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