Boss Hoss Blowout @ Mr. T’s Bowl

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Mr. T’s Flyer

This Presidents Day weekend brought a gaggle of indie rock bands to the venerable Mr. T’s Bowl. My musical tastes are still stuck in 80′s/90′s punk (Social Distortion, Rancid, Dead Kennedy’s, et al.), so I’m not as up to date as I could be on our music scene. Also, as much as I enjoyed the shows, I do have a slight bone to pick with the converted bowling alley: Shouldn’t beers be cheaper than $5 a bottle? I’m all for paying the $12 to support the musicians, but if a bottle of Bud is going to cost more than a pint at the York, I want nicer ambiance than what they provide. Dives are fine, but they’re dives because they’re cheap. Anyhow, my brief impressions of the bands I enjoyed the most:

Les Hormones – The 3 piece San Francisco band played a nice set of very surf/garage-rock. Very raw and very fun. Website

The A-Bones – The Brooklyn headliners of Sunday night take their name from a Trashmen song and boast members of indie rock stalwart Yo La Tengo. Blues inspired indie rock that they self describe as sounding like “like Chan Romero with the Hombres doing Trashmen songs” (you do the cross-referencing on that one) makes for very danceable rock and an extremely fun show. Website

Haunted George – The eponymous artist with another guitarist (George kept rhythm on the drums with his foot) looked like something between the Misfits and Johnny Cash. Haunted George played simple rock music that sounded like a morbid spin on Local H. Songs such as “Pile of Meat” and another with a refrain that asks “Whatcha look like after weeks in a casket?” aren’t exactly innocent, but are way too much fun to be really disturbing. Website

Guilty Hearts – My personal favorite, the local LA band, knew how to play to a crowd. While scoring points with their song “Glassell Park”, the bassist stepped around the chicken wire to make out with a female fan in the front row. The most impressive part of it was that he continued playing straight through the face-sucking. The music wasn’t too bad either: very blues inspired with elements of garage rock and punk. Website


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