So Much to Love

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(Image borrowed from Avenue 50 Studio)

So it’s been a slow week for us at YORK BLVD, which has left some less than positive posts on our front page. I find it devastating to hear anybody describe this great neighborhood as a “ghetto,” and can only imagine that it comes from somebody who doesn’t really know the neighborhood or its residents. I have lived in the area for nearly 10 years and seen how the community is building itself and changing, and how safe so much of it really is.
It’s true that there some bad elements and some bad people here, but anybody who walks down York or Fig, talks to the business owners or their neighbors knows that these are the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, true to the old newspaper motto “if it bleeds it leads,” the Times prefers to cover the unsavory aspects of our neighborhood (among others) and doesn’t hesitate to talk about gang violence like it’s part of our daily life.

Every time I hear this though, I actually can’t help but think of everything that I love about Highland Park and the surrounding area. Our neighborhood has so much personality, culture and vibrancy I often find it difficult to see anything else. We post these things constantly, but sometimes it’s nice to see them all together.

So here’s some of what we love about Northeast L.A.
-Taco Trucks at 3am
-Conversations at the York sink
-500 beers at Galcos
-Tacos La Estrella red sauce
-French fries and aioli at The Oinkster
-The Gold Line
-The view from the 134 (between Figueroa and Harvey)
-Pho at Lemongrass
-Beer on tap and to go at The Verdugo
-Street parking
-Oinkster pastrami
-Being able to buy a house in L.A.
-Going for coffee and getting beer while listening to live music at La Casa Blue
-Chillin’ and Grillin’ with Dave and his sandwiches
-Second Saturday NELA art walks
-Quick commutes to Downtown
-Ugly nudes at Footsies
-Classic cars at Pete’s Blue Chip
-Oxy sports
-Up-and-coming bands at Mr. Ts
-Dog walks at Debs Park
-LA’s best pizza at Casa Bianca

We know all you have lots of reasons too. Sound off and add them to the list!


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