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All day A/C, a busy community pool, and the annual disappearance of those Lakers car pennants (at least until the next time the bandwagon starts filling up) all point towards summer kicking into full gear.  One of June’s highlights for me is the annual Highland Park Auto Show.  Just in case I might have forgotten it was Sunday, the roar of engines and squealing of car alarms woke me up early.  Since my dog is getting a little fat, I decided to take her out for a walk and enjoy the sights on Fig between Avenues 51 & 57.  Scalp tattoos, custom paint jobs that might be illegal in Utah, and vendors lined the street while hip-hop and Banda music mixed into a culturally appropriate milieu.  Note: You may want to avoid looking at the second to last picture at work.

Enjoy the photos:


“Elbows up side to side”







What a color!


The rug really ties the car together…




‘Scarface’ Trim


Second best paint job of the day


El numero uno



Not an import in sight


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