Summer Doldrums & Gorditas Lupitas

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Gorditas Lupitas

The “Great Taco Truck War of ’08″, the end of the school year, and international travel (first Thailand, next Spain and Morocco) have taken the wind out of our sails here at YorkBlvd.  Still, we’re committed to posting up our thoughts, or at least pictures of our trips for our parents to see.  In keeping with our street food theme of the past few months, we’re happy to bring a special review to the site today:  A taco truck beloved by a Pulitzer Prize winning food critic, Jonathan Gold.

A little background information may be necessary here.  You see, over a month ago, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion with Zocalo LA regarding the new Taco Truck legislation (which incidentally will be airing on KPCC this Sunday night).   Mr. Gold was also on the panel and as we exchanged notes on our favorite neighborhood haunts.  He promised me that he had arranged for one of his favorite trucks in LA, Gorditas Lupitas, to serve free huaraches after the panel.  90 minutes later, I ran outside ready to do some serious culinary damage, only to be disappointed by a stale huarache, bland beef, and flavorless nopales.

However, since Mr. Gold has one more Pulitzer for food writing than I do, (for now at least) I decided to give Gorditas Lupitas another chance with the hopes that the poor quality was a result of cooking for so many people at once.  We ordered one carne asada gordita, six desevrada (shredded beef) gorditas, one quesadilla, and two tacos al pastor as they were clean out of carnitas.  A good ten minutes later, our food came out with a generous side of what would turn out to be deceptively spicy salsa.  While the food was much better than my first encounter with these ladies, but I doubt I’ll be driving that far down the Boulevard again for their food for a couple of reasons.  First, the asada and pastor just wasn’t as tasty as the trucks closer to home.  Second, the wait was pretty significant considering there were only 2-3 other orders at the same time.  Tacos are about speed.  They should be served fast and eaten faster.  The quesadilla though might be worth another trip.  I didn’t order it, but it looked basically like a miniature calzone, stuffed with cheese and fried.  Mix in some salsa and it’s pretty hard to make that taste bad.

Despite these drawbacks, Gorditas Lupitas isn’t without its charms.  For one, they make the tortillas and gorditas with fresh masa that they pound out onto the grill, which may partially explain the long wait.  Second, the desevrada was very good.  Also, for only $1 per gordita, you’ll be stuffed to the gills for about $3.

Gorditas Lupitas
Eagle Rock Blvd.
Between Estara and Ave. 33 (Yes that Estara)
Glassell Park


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