California Passes New Anti Graffiti Law

Ξ July 31st, 2008 | → 1 Comments | ∇ Highland Park |

At the behest of the city of Los Angeles, Sacramento has passed a new law requiring those convicted of vandalism to clean up their tags and possibly keep the area they defaced clean for an additional year.  Some are worried that this could painting over possible gang tags for a year could put the offenders life at risk but my reaction to this law is still positive.  If you broke a neighbor’s window as a child, wouldn’t your parents force you to make amends by paying for its replacement or performing some other form equal labor (mowing the neighbor’s lawn)?  Why threaten jail sentences the state can’t carry out and levy fines that poor parents and delinquent 14 year olds can’t pay?  Let the punishment fit the crime I say.  As for the danger of injury painting over gang scrawls can result in, part of me feels that they were taking that chance by tagging in the first place.  The more rational side of my brain however doesn’t think that a possible death penalty is a fitting punishment for vandalism.  I say offer the offender the option of cleaning up public restrooms, buses, or a local school if their area is too dangerous.  Let’s hope now that the LAPD can A) Differentiate between destructive tagging and art (a subjective decision not best left to the police I know…) and B) Actually catch these punks. (God I’m starting to sound like my father)

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This makes a neighborhood unique:

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This is just sad


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