Yes Man

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Yes Man Poster  

Here’s the trailer for Jim Carrey’s upcoming movie, some of which was filmed at Highland Park’s La Casa Blue/Highland Perk/Juanitas.  Something about this plotline seems familiar…Does this mean Steve Carell will be in the sequel “No Man”?  I’m more curious to see what Hollywood is able to do with Chuck Palahniuk’s “Choke”.  Furthermore, La Casa Blue has been updated a bit.  The previous owners are now renting the space to Juanitas, previously on Eagle Rock Blvd., who will add Mexican delivery while keeping the coffee and alcohol menu of its previous incarnation.  I sense a review of their chilaquiles is imminent.


Steve Lopez Points East

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Last week, Steve Lopez wrote an interesting piece in his ongoing crusade to stamp out municipal stupidity.  (Good luck in this town.)  In any event, Paisano’s Market on Aldama St. became a point of neighborhood contention recently because of another Playboy Eddie and Ezra paint job.  Read the article and make up your own mind but aren’t decorations like this one of the things that separate Highland Park from North Hollywood?  I’m not making an argument for the technical ability of the two artists or even for their taste in color.  Still, isn’t this better than the omnipresent graffiti or neglected buildings that really make up urban blight?   I wouldn’t have these two guys come and paint my shed, but if Chico’s or the barber shop a bit north on Figueroa want to have cartoons painted on their businesses, I say let ‘em.  We can worry about making this place look like Old Town Pasadena when that time comes.  For now, I’m just happy to see business owners caring for their property.

For a very well written article with a different point of view, read here


Agua Cafe

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Agua Cafe

So I hit upon a nice little surprise today.  Nothing big, but just the kind of thing I love about Highland Park.

Years ago when Fresh and Easy was still Albertsons I purchased a 5 gallon jug to use with a water cooler.  At $15 dollars it seemed a bit extravagant for a big piece of empty plastic, but I needed a jug and Albertsons had one.  Not too far after, I lost the little cap for the bottle, essentially rendering it useless.  You can’t fill up a bottle and carry it if you can’t cap it.  So I went back to Albertsons and inquired about an extra cap.  No dice.  I was out the door with a new $15 jug, just for the cap.

Last night I lost the cap again.  With no Albertsons to return to, I instead headed to the local “wateria,” Agua Café on York and 47.  The minute I walked in a woman jumped up and happily took the bottle to start filling it.  I quickly asked if they had extra caps, preparing myself to spend another $15 (or more likely $20 with inflation and everything else).  “No problem” she said, while giving the bottle a thorough jet-rinse.

While she filled the bottle I took a look around.  Behind the counter was a huge filtering apparatus. The rest of the store was full of a hodge-podge of random items, from shoes for sale to an ice cream counter and coffee bar. In one corner sat a young boy smiling broadly at me.  In another corner sat an empty freezer with a sign reading “We will gladly bag fresh ice for you. $1.50 for 10 lbs.”

As the water reached the top, the woman said “OK, $1.25”

“How much for the cap?” I asked.

“It’s free.  No problem” she answered back.

So that’s my story for the day.  Friendly, full service water at just 25 cents a gallon.  That sure beats the oft-busted Glacier vending machines in front of Super A.

Next time you need water, cheap ice, or maybe even shoes, give the Agua Café a try.


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