YORK BLVD. Turned 1 – The Verdict: Blogging is Hard

Ξ October 22nd, 2008 | → 11 Comments | ∇ Highland Park |

A little over a year ago we started this blog with the idea of alerting our friends and neighbors about everything cool that exists in Highland Park and the surrounding areas.  We also wanted to counter the negative image that seems to persist in the local media, as we typically only read “Highland Park” after words like  “Drive-by” or “Gang Related” and “Shooting.”

Fortunately there have been plenty of stories to keep us going, be it our defense of the perpetually dying La Casa Blue, gushing about the York or making fun of Marty’s and its douchy valet parking.  I always love writing up little stories about our local businesses and am a little surprised and but always happy to find out that people actually read them. 

As anybody who ever reads this blog knows, our steam has cooled off a bit and we just can’t seem to keep up.  After the onslaught of “The Great Taco War” took over our attention, followed by a trip halfway around the world, returning to YORK BLVD. has fallen by the wayside.  Between working full-time and blogging part-time, the one that pays the bills takes the priority.

That said, we haven’t given up on YORK BLVD. and have many more stories waiting in the wings.  Stay posted to hear the latest about Chillin’ and Grillin’ with Dave, or why our opinion on Fresh&Easy has moved from dubious to delicious.  Also, we always welcome tips, suggestions, even stories.  Fancy yourself a blogger?  Write something up and we just might post it. 

We love our neighborhood, we love our blog and we especially love our readers… even those who aren’t our parents (Hi Mom).  Keep reading and we’ll keep writing.  I promise.


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