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Ξ October 30th, 2008 | → 3 Comments | ∇ 90042, Highland Park, Press |

My digital camera is broken (again) so I’m relegated to linking to others with presumably better optical gear. 

I can’t believe we missed this one but Los Angeles Magazine ran a piece on Temple Beth Israel, the second oldest Jewish temple in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that the author equates the exodus (I couldn’t help myself) of the Jewish community for the Westside and Valley to his description of Highland Park as a “decaying neighborhood”.  That’s why Belinda Vazquez is our heroine of the month for writing a letter in which she describes herself as “disgusted and embarrassed to have your magazine in my possession”.  I don’t think the article is that bad, but it’s nice to know we have such passionate neighbors.  To read the rest of her letter, and the editor’s response, grab a copy of their November issue. (what’s the over/under on when they become exclusively a website?) has a video report on the new camerasinstalled on Colorado near Eagle Rock Blvd.  While I wouldn’t want those cameras to have a view of my house or yard, I support using them to prosecute street crime, reckless driving, and vandalism along the boulevard.  Still, why are limited city resources being used to secure a neighborhood with relatively low crime rates?  Isn’t this like a preemptive invasion of Switzerland?  Ok, bad example, but I can think of a few intersections in the 90042 that I’d like the LAPD to be paying closer attention to.  I just won’t be logging onto the included free wifi.

I went on a bike ride recently and marveled at the beautiful fields and pristine basketball courts at Taylor Yard along San Fernando.  That weekend the Times ran another interesting piece on Raul Macias and local grassroots political organizing.

Lastly, the Los Angeles District Attorney announced they would not retry Mario Rocha, convicted of murder at a party in Highland Park in 1997, leaving Rocha a free man.  A history of his odyssey can be found in the award-winning documentary, Mario’s Story

Coming soon…YorkBlvd celebrates it’s 1st anniversary by going on our Northeast pub/taco crawl.


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