2 Arrested for Cypress Park Murder of Sherrif’s Deputy

Ξ December 14th, 2008 | → 1 Comments | ∇ Highland Park |

I don’t follow every crime in our city, but when an off-duty cop is shot to death in front of his home, it gets my attention.  If you missed it, Deputy Juan Abel Escalante was killed in a drive by shooting at about 6 AM on August 2nd, and the case didn’t get much farther than reports of the shots coming from a white car.  Anyone in the neighborhood with a pulse could pretty quickly point the finger in one of two direction (Cypress Park Gang or Avenues) and apparently two members of the latter “social club” are spending the night under the care of Escalante’s former coworkers in County.  Chief Bratton’s statement indicates that it isn’t known if Escalante’s job at Men’s Central Jail had anything to do with his killing.  To be fair, I’m not expert on law enforcement, but 6 AM seems a very odd time for a random drive-by and I don’t believe in the coincidence of that random drive-by resulting in a dead police officer.  More details should be available when the case is filed with the DA later this week.  Read the Times’ story here.


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