Eibis Restaurant

Ξ January 11th, 2009 | → Comments Off | ∇ Highland Park |

At long last, I’ve found a quality local restaurant that delivers.  Eibis Restaurant serves a plethora of Poblano Mexican cuisine.  We had the cemita milanesa de res, pollo con mole, and two molotes (similar to an epanada).  The cemita was a little dry but filling, while the chicken was tender and smothered with a tasty, smoky mole.  The molotes de queso were a particularly delicious bit of comfort food.  Their extensive menu includes a list of 13 “jugos energeticos”.  I’m looking forward to trying the grapefruit/pineapple/celery/nopales/parsely.  A word of warning to the gueros: the employees’ English here can be spotty.  Think of it as an excuse to relive your days of watching Destinos in Sra. Robertson’s Spanish class.

Eibis Restaurant
231 N. Ave 50
(323) 999-0109


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