LA’s Finest Tacos on CNN

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When I opened up this morning I was surprised to find “On the taco trail in LA” leading the top of the Travel section.  Much to my delight, it was a short listing of taco trucks around town.  Of course no good listing of tacos in LA would miss our neighborhood, and this one didn’t disappoint.  Out of the six spots we scored two on the list.

La Estrella is mentioned, but I don’t necessarily agree with their sentiment that the al pastor is the must try.  I’m much more partial to the carnitas.  I was pleased, however, to see them mention that is the favorite truck of Save Our Taco Trucks.  “This location got a lot of press early in 2008, when a motion was passed at the behest of brick-and-mortar restaurant owners to effectively ban taco trucks from parts of Los Angeles County; La Estrella is the favorite of Save Our Taco Trucks, the group who led the fight to overturn it. Luckily for us all, the ban was repealed and the eating continues.” (In fact, I must admit that I suspect the entire list is largely derived from trucks that received acclaim during our famed Taco War of last year.)

Rambo’s is the other truck on the list, and I don’t have much to say there.  I’ve always much preferred Leo’s, which is just about a hundred yards down the street.  I tried Rambo’s a couple times (back in college, you know how that goes) and never found very appealing.  But it has its followers and brings good press to the neighborhood, so for that I should be happy.  Still, I like to daydream about fights breaking out between Rambo’s and Leo’s à la West Side Story, with lots of snapping and dancing.

Read the full article here, and pictures can be found here.


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