Free Pozole, Legal Weed, and Crooked Politicians

Ξ January 30th, 2009 | → 3 Comments | ∇ 90041, 90042, Coffee, Highland Park, Politics, Press, The Arts |

On the heels of our post on Tierra de la Culebra’s “Ghetto Grounds”, several members of the group have posted in defense of their name.  I’ve always aimed to prove Socrates wrong with this blog, and it looks like the written word is able to defend itself.  In any event, the group will be serving free Pozole on Sunday morning, so stop in for your SuperBowl breakfast.

The Times put Eagle Rock on the front page of the California section today.  The Green Goddess mentioned in the article was previously located where The Flying Pigeon bicycle shop now sits.  The unmentioned irony in the story is how outraged the community is to discover so many dispensaries in the neighborhood.  The fact that they couldn’t have been that harmful if no one knew they where there in the first place seems to be lost on local NIMBYists.

Want to know what our Councilman Huizar is driving these days?  Look at this article describing City Controller Laura Chick’s audit.  Beyond his recently raised $178,000 salary, he apparently drives a $48,000 SUV paid for by the city.   The city also pays for Mr. Huizar’s gas and maintenance.  As usual, necessary services will be curtailed and taxes will rise while an inept group of politicians pad their checkbooks and run the city into the ground.


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