El Super Update

Ξ March 18th, 2009 | → 14 Comments | ∇ Highland Park |

Today we received more info from our friend Milla about the fight against El Super. Read below for the latest news and the call to action for tomorrow (3/19/09).  Please note the following comes from a neighbor of Milla’s who is active in the Highland Park community.  Milla got the email from her, we got it from Milla and posted it.  

Big noise still about El Super. 

While they have a legally signed lease, and we have given them a list of things we would like them to do to make it a less annoying store, the main event is tomorrow’s (Thursday, March 19) meeting at the Cultural Heritage Commission: City Hall Room 1010 at the unfortunate hour of 10 am.

Please come if you can. This Commission actually pays attention to community involvement. You would not have to speak, but we will ask supporters to stand so they see how many people are there. Our technical experts will have all the architectural details in their presentation.

Having the Commission put the building into consideration is what brought El Super to the table in the first place. If we can get the building designated a cultural monument at tomorrow’s meeting, we will have considerable leverage over El Super. This delay is costing them a great deal of money. It has even been suggested they might cut their losses and walk away, which would leave the field available for something better than another cheapie supermarket. No one wants to see an abandoned building and parking lot, but we could encourage a better business to come in with community support. Even if they decide to stay we can continue to negotiate with them on green building, landscaping, deliveries, and most important what they sell, local produce, and their alcohol license.

If you cannot come, please email a letter tonight to:

Cultural Heritage Commission
Edgar Garcia, Preservation Planner
Office of Historic Resources
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
200 N. Spring Street, #620
Los Angeles, CA 90012

You can say something like:

You strongly encourage the Commission to grant historic cultural monument status to the Highland Park Safeway building under consideration. Buildings like this deserve to be recognized and retained on our city streets. Highland Park needs this building to preserve our historic character.


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