Tacos in the Media (and only a brief Kogi rant)

Ξ May 26th, 2009 | → Comments Off | ∇ 90042, Highland Park |

We’re hoping to have some interesting updates on taco truck and street vending legislation in the next few weeks.  As a recent Times article pointed out, that particular fight is far from over and unfotunately, it seems that the City of Los Angeles is starting to follow the county’s lead in stepping up enforcement of laws that were previously ignored by the police and truck owners alike.

With cheap becoming synonymous with chic, the media rash of taco truck articles recently spread to KCRW’s Good Food and LAist.  LAist does a nice walking taco tour of York Blvd., keeping their selections simple.  Good Food does a nice video piece on the trucks but unfortunately has to drink the foodie kool-aid that is Kogi.  I get the feeling that the taco truck is lining up to jump the shark, and Kogi is the speed boat propelling the graphic T’d masses along.  The consequences?  Well since I don’t think I own any tortilla futures or catering truck credit default swaps, I imagine the fallout will be limited to a few less people in lines.  Enjoy the local shots and don’t let our venemous gall turn you off to Kogi if they’re your thing.

UPDATE: Eating LA also recently posted a review of the stand at York and Nolden.


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