Barry Obama Photos, Class of ’83 (Sort of)

Ξ May 28th, 2009 | → 1 Comments | ∇ Oxy, Politics, Press |


Occidental’s most famous transfer student will be the subject of a photography exhibit that opens today at West Hollywood’s M+B Gallery. Lisa Jack, a photography student at the time, snapped the portraits at an off-campus house during Obama’s freshman year. You can read her story in the LA Times, view a brief slideshow, or watch her interview on the Today Show at the bottom of the page. The highlight of the story for me is the recounting of a teenage Obama in a Honolulu nightclub with a beautiful woman on each knee. Now that’s a picture I’d love to see.

Those of you who are not Oxy alumni have been spared the deluge of headlines containing “Barry Obama ’83″ (1983 being the year he would have graduated had he not transferred to Columbia after his sophomore year). At least now when someone asks why I attended dental school, I can correct them by mentioning I graduated from the school where Barack couldn’t hack it.


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