Dwell on Design and Mobile Eateries

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This weekend brought Dwell Magazine’s Dwell on Design to the convention center.  I took part in a Friday chat with the editor of the Square Meal feature, Sarah Rich, who was putting together a discussion on the new mutation of “gourmet” taco trucks.  I shared the stage with Sue Moore and Larry Bain from the Let’s Be Frank hot dog cart and Kam Miceli, founder of the Westside’s Green Truck.  I was asked to attend to give a sense of context to the movement by talking about last year’s petition to save the taco trucks and the ongoing negotiations between local governments and the lonchero’s association.  In a spirit of full disclosure, I’ve only eaten at one of these new incarnations of the taco truck (who shall remain unnamed), and to say the least, there turned out to be a slight personality conflict.  I was worried that these recent additions to the mobile dining scene would bring a similar attitude with them but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Kam, Larry, and Sue where friendly, down to earth, and had clearly put significant thought into the taste of their food and it’s enviornmental impact.  What may have pleased me most was their accepatance that they were had common interests with more traditional truck owners despite serving very different demographics.

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday evening at the Geffen Contemporary Museum, where Rich put on a mobile restaurant row.  I’ll try to let the pictures speak for themselves but all of these trucks, probably save Sprinkles, are worth a lunch break on the Westside or a dinner if they ever head east.

Bay area transplants Let’s Be Frank, promotes their “dogs gone good”: Locally raised meat prepared without nitrates, nitrites, hormones, or antibiotics.  Barbie’s Q is a new truck to the scene located in Venice.

Barbie's Q


 Barbie’s Q’s pulled pork sandwich was so delicious we ended up eating two.


Kam Micelli’s Green Truck is so ecologically conscious, it makes the Sierra Club look like a strip mining operation.  the burger and sweet potato fries were excellent.
Green Truck
CoolHaus’ ice cream sandwiches are tasty and architecturally themed.  To be honest, most of their puns were beyond me.  Still, awesome people run this truck and their putting out a great product.  You can even order edible paper for an extra $0.50 to save on waste.
Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches


Finally, for the wealthy mobile foodie who has everything, Sprinkles is selling $3.00 red velvet cupcakes out of their new van.  Hey, different strokes for different folks, but as a frame of reference, $3.00 will buy you two tacos and a drink at a traditional truck.  I complain, but they were completely sold out by the end of the evening.



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