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Besides the high prices, ridiculous valet parking and poor service, the fact that
Mia Sushi remains open is even more unbelievable considering our proximity to Little Tokyo. Time off this summer has created a new tradition/addiction as we have spent nearly every Friday getting the $15 sashimi lunch at Sushi-Gen downtown.

Lunch begins with miso soup, some pickled cucumber and cabbage and a dish of tofu soaked in broth. I don’t know the name of the tofu dish, but it’s soft and delicious and melts in your mouth, if you can manage to pick it up with your chopsticks, that is. After that is the pièce de résistance—a plate practically overflowing with fresh fish and a bowl of steaming white rice. Among the spread is calamari, crab, snapper, yellowtail and several styles of tuna. The spicy tuna is good but I’ve definitely had better, while the toro is simply amazing. Commonly called “fatty tuna,” toro is the sought after, tender and flavorful belly of the tuna. Best of all, Sushi-gen gives you a huge portion of it.

Sashimi Special

Sashimi Special

To be honest, I don’t actually know what everything on the plate is, but to be fair there is never an opportunity to find out. The service is fast and efficient, as the waitresses try to move the customers in and out as quickly as possible. That’s not to say service is unfriendly, but Sushi-gen is confident in their product and the ongoing line out the door only proves the point. A queue begins forming a good 30 minutes before opening (at 11:15) and you will always find a wait for lunch from then on. The check is brought to you without asking, and they always appreciate it if you don’t linger after your food is finished. This is not the place to chat up the sushi chef or to take a leisurely lunch. So long as you don’t expect that, you can go and enjoy the amazing selection of delicious sashimi for what it is, and move on with your day. I do every Friday. Fifteen dollars and fifteen minutes away, you really can’t go wrong.

422 E 2nd St Los Angeles
(213) 617-0552

Open Weekdays 11:15am-9:30pm; Sat 5pm-9:30pm


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