Word to the Wise

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(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

In the wake of the LAPD’s Northeast Gang sweep, Highland Park has become saturated with traffic stops.  One friend of the site has been pulled over three times in a 24 hour period for a broken tail light.  (Twice on the same trip within the neighborhood.)  Word is that the enforcement will continue through the weekend, so it might be especially wise to call a taxi or use a designated driver.

While I’m pleased to see an increased police presence in the neighborhood, witnessing three traffic stops over a six block stretch of Figueroa seems extreme.  Too much of a good thing aside, enjoy the attention while you can because with the city council’s budget cuts, the LAPD has stopped hiring new officers and isn’t replacing retirees.


Park[ing] Day in Highland Park

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Photo Courtesy LATimes.com

Photo Courtesy LATimes.com

The third annual Park[ing] Day L.A. will attempt to bring a bit of the pastoral to the urban this evening by setting up miniature green spaces in parking spots throughout the county.  Northeast L.A. will have three spots: The Flying Pigeon on Figueroa, The Kristi Engle Gallery on York, and one sponsored by Occidental’s Urban and Environmental Policy Institute near Colorado and Eagle Rock Blvd.  Though this international event is technically illegal, I can only begin to imagine the fallout if Parking Enforcement were to actually enforce the letter of the law.  See you there!

CommunityWalk Map – Park[ing] Day LA


Beer, Hot Dogs, and Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Glassell Park will get a taste of the nouveau food truck scene Wednesday night at 6 in a brilliant promotion by Verdugo Bar.  Our areas most prolific pub will be hosting pairings of various Stone Brewing Company beers with the gourmet hot dogs from Let’s Be Frank.  Best of all, architecturally inspired ice cream sandwich truck Coolhaus will be serving desert.

Read our past article on the Dwell on Design Mobile Restaurant Row for our take on these two trucks.


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