Eagle Rock Music Festival

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Fish that tight D.A.R.E. shirt out of your closet and wash your skinny jeans because the 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival is set to remind some of us how close we’re getting to being officially middle-aged on October 3rd.  I’ll admit, I’m not nearly cool enough to know any of these bands beyond Ollin (read a previous story on the band here), but there seems to be some buzz surrounding The French Semester and The Happy Hollows.  See the entire lineup at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock website.  Best of all, the concert is free!


710 Call to Action

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The Future Intersection of Eagle Rock Blvd. and Verdugo? (kcet.org)

The Future Intersection of Eagle Rock Blvd. and Verdugo? (kcet.org)

According ot the Stop the 710 Yahoo Group, State Senator Gil Cedillo is hoping to succeed with a bill to build the 710 extension tunnel.

SB545, Cedillo’s bill removing the surface 710 and substituting tunnels for the project, did not pass yesterday as the vote was 34 to 14.  Mike Eng asked for a motion of recosideration to agendize it again today.  It would help a lot if people would call Assemblyman DeLeon (916) 319-2045 or Assemblyman John Perez (916) 319-2046 (at their Sacramento offices) to object to passage of this bill.  The Assembly session will be going until midnight probably, so even if you get this after coming home it would help to call.

Cedillo’s own website offers this summary of his bill:

This bill would ensure that no surface highway will be constructed between Valley Boulevard in the City ofLos Angeles and Del Mar Boulevard in the city of Pasadena, leaving construction of a tunnel as the only alternative to close the 710 gap. SB 545 is a huge victory for the City of South Pasadena, the surrounding communities and the people that travel and live in the region.

This is only a victory for those who don’t mind a six-lane freeway being built under, or having the tunnel’s terminus in, their neighborhood.  For the rest of us, this is still a problem.

In case you’re more comfortable sending an email, the two Assemblyman’s contacts are at the bottom of the page.  Here is the brief letter I wrote.

Dear Assemblyman,

I oppose the 710 freeway extension in any form.  Spending money that neither California nor the federal government has, jeapordizing the respiratory health of the residents in these communities, and destroying the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people is not worth the small savings in transit times for trucks.  I expect you to oppose any attempt at building this freeway.  Thank you.

See the text of SB545.

Read a Sacramento Bee article about SB545.

Assemblyman Kevin DeLeon’s contact page.

Assemblyman John Peréz’s contact page.


El Rio Charter School

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We recently received some exciting news about a new Waldorf style public charter school that is being envisioned for North East L.A. Still in the early planning stages, El Rio is looking for volunteers “willing to strategize, collaborate and give skills and time to help make it happen.” Read on below, and check out their next public meeting on October 17th.

From the horse’s mouth:

We are starting el Rio Charter School as a service to our community and to cultivate academic excellence in our children through the proven “Waldorf” approach to education – a method that encourages the excitement of hands-on learning and creativity over mere memorization.

We invite parents, teachers and advisors to give their time and passion to make el Rio Charter School a reality for the children of Cypress Park, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock.

A century of Waldorf success shows there is more to teaching than standardized testing. The Waldorf approach to teaching, homework and academic discipline develops a child’s lifelong love of learning through immersion in the subject, critical thinking and imaginative solutions. The result is high academic achievement.

Please plan to join us for our next Public Meeting; scheduled for Saturday October 17th at the Audubon Center at Debs Park. This meeting will focus on Waldorf teaching approaches as applied to public education in Los Angeles. With special guest speaker Tamar Kern, teacher at Ocean Charter School in Mar Vista. More details to come.

Please visit our website and sign up for our mailing list to keep in touch!


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