Eagle Rock Brewery’s Revolution XPA

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Revolution XPA

Revolution XPA

In the third of Eagle Rock Brewery’s Marxist-themed brews, we finally got our chubby little fingers on a few pints of the Extra Pale Ale last weekend at the York.  We’ve been a little disappointed with ERB’s early products, but were excited to sit down and have our palettes hopped into next week.  Revolution wasn’t what we were expecting; It wasn’t bad, but it threw us a bit of a curve that we needed to adjust to.  Instead of dry and hoppy, the most accurate word I can use to describe its taste is “sweet”.  If I didn’t know better, I would swear they had mixed some cider into my beer as I just couldn’t get past the flavor of apples.  Revolution isn’t a bad beer, it just seems atypical for the style.

To get an idea of the father and son duo who are tackling the historic task of being Los Angeles’ only brewery, enjoy this spot in the Times’ Brand X (I assume because it’s xtreme) blog.


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