Coffee with your Lawyer

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For anyone who has sought legal council, you know how daunting and expensive it can be.  While renting, I had to deal with a landlord who offered me $100 compensation when his apartment complex’s sewage backed up in my bathroom, destroying my things and leaving me on a friend’s couch for a few nights.  Of course, my landlord had a lawyer on retainer who sent me a letter pointing out that an obscure clause in my contract meant I was at fault for his client’s lack of maintenance.  Well, Antigua Bread is helping to level the legal scales with free consultations with Los Angeles attorney Neil J. Fraser.  Mr. Fraser has been sitting down for coffee and offering legal advice to anyone who needs it at Antigua Bread between 6:30 and 8:00 PM every Tuesday, and the only cost to you is a cup of coffee.  Mr. Fraser touts himself as having 20 years experience in the field of criminal, civil, and civil rights law.  We did a bit of checking for you and Mr. Fraser is in good standing with the State Bar of California.  Sign-ups can be made in advance at the counter of the cafe.


Butter Tart Cafe

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Bacon Butter Tart

Butter Tart Cafe represents so much of the promise that Northeast Los Angeles holds.  In the Glassell Park space previously occupied by a dive bar (not in the cute way), and I believe briefly by a Filipino restaurant, Butter Tart Cafe has opened a modern, clean cafe with brilliant natural light.  I’d never had the eponymous Canadian sweet before my recent visit, but it was certainly worth the trip.  I chose the bacon butter tart over the plain and bacon and parmesan, and although I’m not usually a fan of sweet and savory (Hawaiian pizza, are you listening?), I was pretty impressed by the dish’s richness (I suppose due to two types of animal fat).  Imagine a pecan pie with bacon instead of pecans.  The coffee was good and the service was friendly.  Their hours had been spotty but have recently expanded to include lunch and a menu of sandwiches.  Next time you’re on your way to Starbucks, keep your money local and try someplace new.

Artistic Latte

Butter Tart Cafe
4126 Verdugo Rd.


Free Pozole, Legal Weed, and Crooked Politicians

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On the heels of our post on Tierra de la Culebra’s “Ghetto Grounds”, several members of the group have posted in defense of their name.  I’ve always aimed to prove Socrates wrong with this blog, and it looks like the written word is able to defend itself.  In any event, the group will be serving free Pozole on Sunday morning, so stop in for your SuperBowl breakfast.

The Times put Eagle Rock on the front page of the California section today.  The Green Goddess mentioned in the article was previously located where The Flying Pigeon bicycle shop now sits.  The unmentioned irony in the story is how outraged the community is to discover so many dispensaries in the neighborhood.  The fact that they couldn’t have been that harmful if no one knew they where there in the first place seems to be lost on local NIMBYists.

Want to know what our Councilman Huizar is driving these days?  Look at this article describing City Controller Laura Chick’s audit.  Beyond his recently raised $178,000 salary, he apparently drives a $48,000 SUV paid for by the city.   The city also pays for Mr. Huizar’s gas and maintenance.  As usual, necessary services will be curtailed and taxes will rise while an inept group of politicians pad their checkbooks and run the city into the ground.


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