Gold Class Cinema

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Part two in the Beyond Northeast Trilogy takes us to Old Town Pasadena for what is undoubtedly the nicest moviegoing experience of my life.  I’ve never flown first class, but I imagine Gold Class Cinemas is the theater equivalent.  The only danger in visiting is that no other theater I’ve been to can compare.  Reserving our seats online ahead of time for Iron Man 2 (fine, but nothing special) we arrived at the theater a bit early to check out the lounge.  For anyone looking for a first date idea, Gold Class Cinemas would be stellar.  I’ve never been a fan of taking a girl to the movies early in a relationship because typically, you sit quietly watching a movie for a few hours and then feel compelled to come up with witty criticisms over dinner.  The theater’s lounge is nice because it provides some very necessary elements to safeguard against the possible awkwardness of a first date: dim red lighting, comfortable seating, and a well-stocked bar.

The Lounge (

The Lounge (

The theater itself is laid out with large, plush, electronically controlled recliners with a table between them.  Your waiter is only a press of a button away, service is prompt, and the cocktails are strong if a bit pricey at about $13 each.  This brings up the inevitable down side of a visit to Gold Class Cinemas: the price tag.  Two tickets ($23 each) four drinks (about $12 each) and an appetizer (average $12) will run you $106 (fortunately we had a gift certificate).  Add a meal or some dessert and you’re looking at a small car payment.  Considering that just the ticket at the Highland Theater is almost 1/6th the price on their $3 Wednesdays, you might not want to borrow against your 401k to see Shrek Forever After. Still, it’s nice to catch a movie without a family of five treating the row behind you like it’s their living room (my experience last time I visited the Highland Theater).

42 Miller Alley
Pasadena, CA 91103
The Theater (

The Theater (


Parking Politics

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Every nation has the government it deserves – Joseph de Maistre

Maybe we Angelenos deserve to be lorded over by bar exam flunkees who couldn’t govern their way out of a wet paper bag.  We vote them into office time and again either because they stamp the right party affiliation next to their name or because their skin is the right color.  These fools can’t find budget fat to trim in a city where rookie firefighters average $80,000-$100,000 a year, but they have managed to symbolically ban bad words,  build a rail network that ignores the worst traffic congestion in the nation, and criminalize taco trucks. (Actually, I suppose they failed at even that.)  The latest example of bureaucratic stupidity is in our neighborhood’s public parking.  No, not the quadrupling of parking rates, but instead the closure of lots at midnight.  Specifically, the lot on Lincoln between avenues 50 and 51.  A new sign now threatens to tow those parked after midnight.  This wouldn’t seem to be a problem until you consider the nascent night-life at Johnny’s and The York, where some people like to drink even after their coachman has transformed back into a mouse.  I guess we’ll all have to pay for the valet at Marty’s if we want to stay out past our bedtime now…

More proof that you're smarter than your elected representative...

More proof that you're smarter than your elected representative...


Holy Mole!

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WWJE? (What Would Jesus Eat?)

WWJE? (What Would Jesus Eat?)

So they don’t actually serve molé at this truck parked outside of El Super, but they do promise the “Taco Naco” (which roughly translates as Tacky Taco).  The truck has decent food, but this isn’t a food review.  I’m just having some fun with photoshop and a camera.  Enjoy.


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